"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." -- Andy Warhol

Print the materials on this page to help you reach out to others about AB 249, the California DISCLOSE Act.  If you need lots of copies, contact us at info@CAclean.org.

AB 249 Materials for Signature-Gathering

Petition for AB 249 — Be sure to print in "landscape" mode so it fills the whole page.

AB 249 Before and After ("SIGN PETITION!") — Show people when signature-gathering

Signature-Gathering Tips — Read this one-pager of best practices before signature-gathering!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) — Read before to be able to answer people's questions!

Other AB 249 Materials

Two-Page Overview of AB 249

Quartersheet Handout for AB 249

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AB 249 Volunteer form

Clean Money Membership Form

Comparison to Current Law

Official AB 249 Language

Special Materials

AB 249 Endorsers

Overview: Democratic Quotes

Overview: Republican Quotes

Overview: Transparency and Disclosure are Good for Business

Before and After Pictures - Nonpartisan Prop 25 + Prop 26 (2 pgs)

Before and After Pictures -- Prop 45 + Prop 61 (2 pgs)

Before and After Pictures (8 pgs)

Provisions Overview

Comparison to AB 14 and AB 700

Endorsement Forms

"I Support" with Actions

AB 249 Endorsement Form

Business or Business Leader Endorsement Form

Example AB 249 Resolution for City or County

Details About Materials

Print the PDF file
(Updated 7/21/17)


Petition for AB 249, the California DISCLOSE Act

Have people demand that the legislature pass the California DISCLOSE Act by signing sheet the petition!  If people provide their email they'll get occasional alerts on how they can help.

• The more people who sign it, the more powerful the message!
• Use for tabling, speaking, and other events.
• Make sure to mail or fax back the completed petitions!
• Print the California DISCLOSE Act Petition form


Print the PDF file
(Updated 9/20/17)


Double-sided overview of AB 249, the California DISCLOSE Act

• Why the California DISCLOSE Act will Change the Big Money Game.

• Use as handout for tabling, speaking, and other events when people want details.

• Contains good talking points for why we need the California DISCLOSE Act and why it will work.

• Can print out one or both sides for handouts.


Print the PDF file
(Updated 7/25/17)


Endorsement Forms (including "I Support" form)

• Take Endorsements form to working group meetings and other places where people hear about the California DISCLOSE Act enough that they might be interested in volunteering.

•  "I Support" Form With Volunteer Actions

•  Endorsement Forms for Individuals and Organizations


Print the PDF file
(Updated 2/26/15)


Membership Application form

• Take to tabling or speaking events for people who want to sign up as members of the California Clean Money Action Fund.

• Mail in to become a member yourself if you'd rather become a member by mail than by becoming a member online.