"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." -- Andy Warhol

Welcome to the page with speakers materials for AB 700, the 2015 California DISCLOSE Act!  Here are materials to use for your speeches.

Please remember to always let us know at speakers-info@caclean.org when you have a speech scheduled so we know where you're speaking and can give you the latest info.

Speech Materials Checklist
— Checklist of materials to bring to your speech to make it successful and productive.

Double-sided AB 700 Speech Outline
— A double-sided outline of a speech on AB 700. Parts in grey are optional for longer speeches.

Example AB 700 Speech
— A transcript of a speech on AB 700 to give you an idea how it goes.  You can download it as long as you promise not to just read it! Parts in grey are optional for longer speeches.

AB 700 Speakers FAQ
— Speakers FAQ.  Not for normal distribution.
See regular FAQ for normal distribution and additional answers.

AB 700 Powerpoint Presentation
— A powerpoint presentation you can use if you have enough time.  Make sure the facilities allow it before using it!

Link to regular for materials and handouts
— Link to our normal materials page to print out blank petitions, the two-page overview, and volunteer forms.  See "Speech Materials Checklist" above for what you should print out and bring.