Huffington Urges 'Clean Money' Law

By Times Staff Reports

Gubernatorial candidate Arianna Huffington launched another campaign Thursday, this time seeking to put a "clean money" ballot initiative before California voters that would enact public financing of political campaigns.

The measure would aim to reduce "the influence of large contributions on the decisions made by state government," according to papers Huffington filed with the state attorney general's office.

If approved by voters, it would create an optional system for candidates running for governor, attorney general, state Legislature and other state offices, who could obtain public money for their campaigns if they agree not to raise private contributions.

State law gives Huffington 150 days to gather enough voter signatures â€" 373,816, in this case â€" to get the measure onto a statewide ballot.

There is a public financing component in presidential elections.

But on her own tax returns for the last two years, Huffington did not check the box to direct $3 toward the public financing.

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