89Now.org is Our Site of the Day


The new website 89Now.org is the informational and activist website for Proposition 89, the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act.

It is brought to you by the California Clean Money Action Fund, the League of Women Voters of California, California Common Cause, and the Greenlining Institute, who have together formed the Clean Money Now - Yes on 89 committee to work with the California Nurses Association and a growing coalition of organizations to pass Proposition 89.

Get energized and ready to make a difference by checking out 89Now.org, where you'll find what you want to know about Proposition 89 and how it will end the crisis of corruption -- making elections about ideas, not money.

The handy site map below shows what you'll find:

Proposition 89: What and Why

What's in Prop 89 and how it makes politicians accountable to voters

Details that make it constitutional, fair, and powerful

How the things you care about will benefit from Prop 89

Specific answers to important questions and concerns about Prop 89

Who's for and against it? Sneak peek at ballot pamphlet arguments

Handouts, flyers, petitions, reports, videos, banners, and more

Organizations you trust endorsing Prop 89, quotes, links

Newspaper articles and editorials, plus letters to the editor

See the article on California Progress Report website

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