A Load of “Hooey” is Coming Out Against Prop 89: I Say “Get the Money Changers Out of the Temple”

By Frank D. Russo

Just got a press release on Prop 89, the Clean Money initiative placed on the ballot by signatures gathered by the California Nurses Association and supported by the major reform and good government groups in the state. Before I share that release with you in its entirety [it deserves to be seen in the light of day] I’ll give you my reaction to it, unvarnished.

The folks listed in this release are not diverse. They all have tons of money and are used to buying elections in this state and want to keep things the way they are. They defend the current corrupt system and have not done anything to reform it. They will stop at nothing to defeat any real reforms, and they will say anything to defeat this ballot measure.

Where have they been? AB 583 by Loni Hancock has been around for the good part of two years. If these folks truly wanted campaign finance reform they would have made constructive suggestions and tried to help it pass through the legislative gauntlet. Instead, the opponents of Prop 89 let it die in the Senate Elections Committee.

They say Prop 89 is poorly drafted. What have they done to propose an alternative? Prop 89 is largely based upon AB 583, which was scrutinized by a number of policy committees, passed the Assembly, and was amended a number of times. Much of the language of Prop 89 has been vetted. The California Labor Federation voted last week to make no recommendation on Prop 89. Labor is officially neutral on this one.

Finally, this carefully drafted measure is constitutional according to a well reasoned analysis we published.

It’s easy to throw stones. What are your solutions? Here is the release just received:

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