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General Public Materials

For tabling and other handouts

Petition for LA Clean Money

(Updated 02/13/08)

General Public One Page Flyer

(Updated 02/02/08)

Welcome Los Angeles Full Public Funding Education and Feedback Project Captains and Volunteers!  Below you'll find all the documents you'll need from the NC Captain training to outreach to your local Neighborhood Council or run a workshop.  Be sure to tell LA Clean Money Project Director Judy Branfman (Judy.Branfman@CAclean.org) whenever you have anything scheduled.  We'll also supply you with copies of each of the below if you'd like.

Not a Neighborhood Council Captain yet or have questions?  Talk to Judy! (Judy.Branfman@CAclean.org or 310-481-0814).

Guides for Outreach and Workshops

Guides for your work as NC Captain.  Please check over the appropriate parts so you don't miss anything!

Kit Materials Checklist (Updated 02/02/08)
— Checklist for materials to bring to your initial presentation in front of a Neighborhood Council or your Workshop.

Facilitators Guide (Updated 02/02/08)
— Detailed guide on how to (1) Schedule a workshop, (2) Initially present to neighborhood councils, (3) Run a workshop after you've been trained, and/or (4) Submit workshop feedback.

Workshop Discussion Guide (Updated 02/02/08)
— Detailed guide on how to help people answer the detailed discussion questions, including references to which pages in the workshop brochure they should read before answering them.

Example Presentation Speech (Word document) (Updated 02/02/08)
— Example speech for initial presentations to Neighborhood Councils or other groups.  This speech is ~4-5 minutes long, and can be trimmed or modified as needed.

Workshop Powerpoint (Updated 04/09/08)
— Powerpoint to lead your workshop with.  Projector can be borrowed from CCMC office.

Neighborhood Council Handouts

Handouts for Neighborhood Council members and the public that attends them.

City of Los Angeles/DONE Letter (Updated 02/02/08)
— Official letter from the City of Los Angeles calling for participation in the LA Full Public Funding Education and Feedback Project, signed by City Council President Eric Garcdetti and Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Acting General Manager Bonghwan Kim.  Always give a copy of this to Neighborhood Council members to show that the Los Angeles City Council Rules and Government Committee is officially soliciting their input on this critical policy issue.

Neighborhood Council Flyer (Updated 02/02/08)
— Flyer to hand out to Neighborhood Council members about the LA Full Public Funding Education and Feedback Project.  Use this instead of the general public one-page flyer.

Workshop Invitation (Updated 02/02/08)
— A blank invitation flyer that Neighborhood Councils can use to invite the public to their workshop once it's scheduled.

Workshop Brochure (Updated 02/02/08)
— 20 page color brochure describing the LA Full Public Funding Education and Feedback Project, the different issues involved, and decision points that the City Council Rules and Government Committee is seeking feedback on.  Contact Judy Branfman (Judy.Branfman@CAclean.org) for full-color copies.

Powerpoint Printout (Updated 04/09/08)
— Printout of workshop powerpoint (see Captain Guides above) for anybody who wants an idea what will be covered in the workshop.

Workshop Handouts

Handouts to give to each attendee of the workshop (see Facilitator's Guide above for usage)

Workshop Agenda (Updated 02/02/08)

In-Depth Discussion Worksheets (Updated 04/09/08)
— In-depth discussion question worksheets.

Scenarios Table (Updated 02/02/08)
— Table showing four different possible funding scenarios, summarizing the tables in the workshop brochure.

and Feedback Forms

Forms for workshop facilitators to use and fill out when running a workshop.  See Facilitors Guide for usage.

Sheet for Attendees (Updated 02/02/08)

Feedback Cover Sheet (Updated 02/02/08)
— Please fill out and submit after you have facilitated your workshop.

Feedback Sheets (Paper Version)
Feedback Sheets (Excel Version)

(Updated 02/02/08)
— Please fill out and submit after you have facilitated your workshop.



  To open and print these PDF documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t already have it, you can download it for free.