Los Angeles Full Public Funding Education and Feedback Project

Welcome to the webpage for the Los Angeles Full Public Funding Education and Feedback Project.  A list of scheduled workshops is below.

If you are planning on attending a workshop it would be helpful for you to read through the brochure and In-Depth Discussion Questions below to familiarize yourself with the issues we will discuss.  Thank you!

Workshop Brochure
— 20 page color brochure describing the LA Full Public Funding Education and Feedback Project, the different issues involved, and decision points that the City Council Rules and Government Committee is seeking feedback on.

Workshop Questions
— The questions that Rules Committee has asked for feedback on.  Please look them over in advance of your workshop if you have time!

City of Los Angeles/DONE Letter
— Official letter from the City of Los Angeles calling for participation in the LA Full Public Funding Education and Feedback Project, signed by City Council President Eric Garcdetti and Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Acting General Manager Bonghwan Kim.

Workshop Informational Powerpoint
— Information on why full public funding is being considered and how full public funding systems work.

Completed Workshops:
Northridge East Neighborhood Council (March 3)
Encino Neighborhood Council (March 4)
North Hills West Neighbhood Council (March 5)
Mar Vista Community Council and Venice Neighborhood Council (April 10)
Pacific Palisades Community Council (April 10)
Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council (April 17)
Downtown LA Neighborhood Council (April 19)
Empowerment Congress Southwest Area NDC (April 21)
Van Nuys Neighborhood Council (April 26)
Empowerment Congress West Area NDC (May 7)
Northridge United Methodist Church (May 7)
Silver Lake Neighborhood Council (May 10)
West LA and Westside Neighborhood Councils (May 29)
Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association (June 18)
Park Mesa Heights Neighborhood Council (June 28)
Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (July 21)
Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council (July 30)
Harbor Gateway South Neighborhood Council (August 14)
South Los Angeles Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (August 27)
Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council (September 15)
Greater Wilshire and Mid City West Neighborhood Councils (September 16)
Glassell Park Neighborhood Council (September 26)
Congress of Neighborhoods (October 11)


Petition for LA Clean Money

One Page Flyer

For tabling and other handouts

Materials for Neighborhood Council Captains