"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." -- Theodore Roosevelt


"I volunteer because Clean Money will give everyone an equal voice -- the American dream of true democracy. What's more important than that?"

Catherine Ashworth, Website Volunteer, San Francisco

"For too long, money has determined electability and influenced public policy decisions in Sacramento. Clean money will help end pay-to-play politics and restore voters' trust in democracy."

Jay Ashford, Bay Area Working Group, Berkeley

"Clean Money is critical to me so our children and grandchildren can live in true democracy providing equality of support and opportunity for everyone!"

Ranya Cohen, Bay Area Working Group, Moraga

"Publicly financed elections are the next step in Democracy. It's the way we can neutralize the power of concentrated wealth. It's our missing piece."

James Bennett Saxon, Website Volunteer, Marina Del Rey

"I want us to give politicians the option to serve the public with honor and dignity. Clean Money will give them that option."

Tobi Dragert, Volunteer Newsletter Editor, Los Angeles

"Speaking about Clean Money allows me to actively help bring true campaign finance reform not only to our state but also to our nation. As more states adopt public funding, it will pressure Congress to enact it at the federal level also."

Gail Jonas, Volunteer Speaker, Healdsburg

"Clean Money is critical to the resuscitation of democracy in California. Without public financing of elections, representative government will always be undermined."

Steve Fein, Board Member, Mill Valley

"I volunteer because ordinary people have no voice in the current political system. We have to get private money out of campaigns to change that. "

Juan Gonzalez, Website Volunteer, Santa Monica

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