“Today, big money interests decide who can run for office and what issues they can raise. Only full public financing can change that.” - Dolores Huerta, Co-Founder United Farm Workers, AFL-CIO

INCREASE IN LATINO CANDIDATES: In Arizona, Clean Money has resulted in more women and minorities running for and winning office seats.

COMMUNITIES CHOOSE THEIR CANDIDATES: With a Clean Money system, each community plays a dominant role in choosing who will represent them in Sacramento.

POLITICAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Politicians are accountable to the voters for their political decisions, rather than large campaign contributors.

POLITICIANS LISTEN TO VOTERS: Instead of having to spend their time “dialing for dollars,” politicians are able to engage the public and address their issues and concerns.

VOTERS NOT DONORS CHOOSE THEIR LEADERS: Clean Money allows the voters in a community to choose their leaders without a veto or approval from wealthier communities, where campaign money is raised.

LATINO ISSUES ARE ADDRESSED: Clean Money allows officials representing Latino districts to more directly focus on the needs of Latinos, because the people dictate the decisions, not corporate and special interests.

MORE LATINOS VOTE: Arizona and Maine have experienced an increase in voter turnout due to Clean Money.