“As long as donors are more important than voters in determining who gets elected in this country, then African Americans are prevented from fully participating in benefits of our democracy. Welcome to the new poll tax: If you can't afford to contribute large sums to a politician, then you voice and your interests are muted.” - Hilary O. Shelton, Director, Washington Bureau, NAACP

Clean Money is a Civil Rights Issue

  • INCREASE IN DIVERSE CANDIDATES: In Arizona, Clean Money has resulted in more women and minorities running for and winning office seats.
  • COMMUNITIES CHOOSE THEIR CANDIDATES: With a Clean Money system, each community plays a dominant role in choosing who will represent them in Sacramento.
  • POLITICAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Politicians are accountable to the voters for their political decisions, rather than large campaign contributors.
  • POLITICIANS LISTEN TO VOTERS: Instead of having to spend their time “dialing for dollars,” politicians are able to engage the public and address their issues and concerns.
  • VOTERS NOT DONORS CHOOSE THEIR LEADERS: Clean Money allows the voters in a community to choose their leaders without a veto or approval from wealthier communities, where campaign money is raised.
  • MINORITY ISSUES ARE ADDRESSED: Clean Money allows officials representing minority districts and ethnic communities to more directly focus on the unique needs of their constituents, because the people dictate the decisions, not corporate and special interests.
  • MORE MINORITIES VOTE : Arizona and Maine have experienced an increase in voter turnout due to Clean Money.


"Our current system of financing political campaigns excludes many people, including Latinos, from fully participating in the political process because they do not have vast financial resources. Clean Elections campaign reform will help to change this, and enhance democracy for all of us." - Antonia Hernandez, executive director of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund