"The time is always right to do what is right." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.


Trent Lange, PhD., President and Executive Director


Trent Lange has served on the board of the California Clean Money Campaign since 2003 and became Executive Director in 2009.  He has been a spokesperson, lobbyist, and policy expert for CCMC, analyzing campaign spending and proposing solutions to campaign finance issues both for California and elsewhere, including leading the campaign for AB 249, the California DISCLOSE Act, the first bill in the country to make political ads clearly show their true funders even if they try to hide behind layers of front groups.  He has been on the executive committees of five ballot campaigns in California, including serving as co-chair of Measure H, the Clean Money measure in Los Angeles that passed by a 3-1 margin in 2011.

Dr. Lange has a Ph.D. from UCLA, with a multidisciplinary academic background in computer science, cognitive science, and cognitive psychology, and is the author of over 20 academic publications.  He was formerly President and CEO of Lange Fund Management, LLC., which ran small but successful market-neutral hedge funds.


D'Marie Mulattieri, Field Organizer and Accounting Administrator


As the founder and executive director of an educational charitable nonprofit, D'Marie has organized over 1,000 events ranging from educational classes to multiple day conventions of over 450 people.  She organized benefits to provide charitable aid to Cusco, Peru after it was devastated by torrential floods and then for the victims of the Fukushima tsunami.  As a concerned citizen, D'Marie began actively organizing to bring people together to create awareness and brainstorm on solutions to problems exasperated by the economic crash of 2008.  She ran for Congress in District 39 during the 2012 election cycle as an Independent.  Her primary aim was to discuss issues that neither side wanted to talk about.

As a long time entrepreneur D'Marie has started several successful businesses and has been the right arm of small business owners as well as C-level executives.  She has been a trainer for several international companies.  D'Marie is excited to be part of the process of bringing positive change to election campaigns.  She utilizes her accounting, speaking and training skills to further the goals of California Clean Money Campaign.


Logan Smith, Field Organizer


Logan Smith is an environmental activist and advocate from the Santa Clarita Valley, who discovered field organizing and dived in head first.  He has organized a number of successful campaigns to boost voter registration on college campuses and serves on the board of a civic engagement group dedicated to activating and engaging students.  Logan also sits on a county-level legislative review committee and works with over a dozen grassroots organizations training voters to lobby their elected officials at all levels of government.  In 2016, Logan travelled to the Oceti Sakowin camp in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, to document the ongoing demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline and deliver donations to the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies.

Logan most recently managed the field program of a highly-competitive state legislature campaign in an unfavorable district, moving the needle farther than at any point in the past 40 years.  Logan is studying political science and communications, and is eager to put his organizing talent to work engaging grassroots activists across the state to ensure fair elections in California.

Volunteer Regional Coordinators


Nancy Neff, Northern California Regional Coordinator


Nancy Neff has been Northern California Outreach Coordinator for the California Clean Money Campaign since July 2009.  She is a board member of CCMC, and has been the Coordinator for volunteers in the Palo Alto area working group since 2006.  She was a Visiting Nurse before becoming a full time volunteer.



David Schmidt, Northern California Regional Coordinator


David D. Schmidt is an author, historian, naturalist, small business owner, and political activist who has been involved in grassroots campaigns in California since the 1970s.  He is an expert on ballot proposition campaigns and author of Citizen Lawmakers:  The Ballot Initiative Revolution.

David lives in San Francisco and is currently working on a book on the San Francisco Bay Area's environmental history.  He has been an active volunteer with the California Clean Money Campaign since 2005 and is now a board member of the California Clean Money Action Fund.


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